Biography of Berton

Short Biography of

Berton H. Turnip

Berton was born in Aek Nabara, a small village in North Utara, Indonesia, on the 10th of September 1964.

After finishing primary and secondary education in North Sumatera, he attended college at Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Agriculture University) in West Java, and graduated as Sarjana Pertanian (equivalent to Bachelor of Science in Agriculture) in 1989. He continued his education by attending magister program at University of Indonesia, majoring in educational psychology, which he finishd in 2005.

Beside his formal education, he has also taken some courses, among others: Cross Culture Course at Cross Culture Training (CCT), in Bandung; (2) Translation Course and Semantics Course at Asia SIL School, in Darwin, Australia; (3) Learning that LASTS Workshop at SIL, Bandung; and 4) Advanced Learning that LASTS Workshop at SIL, Bandung.

Since 1990, he had worked in some different schools, companies, and organizations as a lecturer/teacher, consultant on environmental impact assesment, community development practitioner, and translator, before he finally joined SIL International as a translator and training specialist in 2000. And has focused on training others since then.

He married Frida Pasaribu in December 1993. They have three children: Abraham, Audrey and Adrian. They are now living in Jl. Hasan Ali 80/76, Bandung, Indonesia.

His Mision

Based on his expriences observing schools and participating in meetings at his children schools, he decided that the educational system in his country is not up to the challenge of the post-modern world, which is characterized by rapid change. So he developed a passion to transform the educational system in his country, in order to make it more relevant and more effective in developing young people ready to face the challenge of the modern world, and the to lead the change.

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